About us
Heritage Vision Education Trust (HVET) is a centre of excellence in the field of education within a short span of existence. The Trust has attained the distinction of academic brilliance within six years and aims at holistic development of future professionals.

HVET is the pioneer in the field of PPP mode of education with Govt. of Orissa approval. We are into a unique model of educational venture where we have partnered with premier University/ Autonomous Colleges of Orissa and the courses are conducted within the premises of the institute in the regular mode. The institution provides physical space and studentship to the students admitted to the courses while HVET provides other logistics and support including manpower. Normally new industry oriented UG/PG courses are introduced in this mode. All expenses towards executing these courses are borne by Heritage Vision.

The HVET prepares the students to meet the challenges of life and moulds them into better and civilized citizens. It helps the students to identify their talents and develop it to the optimum. The students are exposed to qualified and dynamic mentors.

Our staff represents the brightest and best collection of intellectuals, professionals, researchers, administrators and other service providers anywhere in the region. The faculty plays a vital role in cultivating leadership qualities with futuristic vision which gives them the ultimate edge in career building.

Together we can work smarter, not harder, to meet the challenges of our changing world and satisfy the expectations of those we serve. Important among those expectations are that we prepare our students to be the distinctive and enlighten   graduates of the 21st century; achieve international recognition for graduate studies; research and innovation and continue to make the HVET the first choice for tertiary education in the region.